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Smart Class

Smart Class Solution did what no one had ever thought of before, bring technology into the classroom. It brought an exhaustive repository of world class digital modules or lessons, (consisting of 2D and 3D animations, graphics, audio and video) on every subject in the K12 spectrum, which the teacher could easily access and project in the classroom that illuminated and explained abstract and difficult concepts with liquid clarity.

We are leading supplier of Smart Class Solution. Our Interactive White Boards (IWB), All in One Interactive LED Panel, Total Teaching Solution, Mini PC, Thin Clients, Document Camera / Visualizers, Electronic LCD Pads, Online Exam Software, Learning Management System are used majorly for classrooms and conference rooms. We do not sell only educational products, we sell satisfaction along with them as we are best in technical and onsite support for all our products all over India.

This is our Complete Digital Classroom Setup demo. Many functions of IR Interactive White Board are explained through teaching software which comes along with it. Some simulation examples of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics are explained in order to signify the features of touch board.